International Print Run:
    The 2018 folio project

Each year, Simone organises between 1 and 4 themed and editioned print folios as part of the International Print Run. The prints are original fine art prints, hand-made by South Australian artists. The themes and format of the folios changes each year.

The International Print Run is a labour of love and a printmaking gift. The aim of the project is to take South Australian printmaking to the world, whilst simultaneously nurturing a network of print playmates across the world.

The first folios were taken to San Francisco in September 2017: The Political Folio, Nature/Nurture, Skin Deep and Message in a Bottle. (You can see snippets of the 2017 folios below.)

So, where do the folios go?

  • There are 15 editioned folios per theme.

  • Each of the 10 contributing artists receives a folio.

  • 1 folio is exhibited and/or sold.

  • 1 folio is kept by Simone as the organiser. (Over decades, these folios will form a significant collection that will be representative of printmaking in South Australia, and the great things currently happening here.)

  • And the remaining 3 folios are taken overseas by lucky SA printmakers, to be gifted to interesting artists, studios or organisations on their travels. The gift is one of 'no strings' generosity from us to them. Printmakers are generous and warm sorts... And gestures like these take us to interesting places. (At the very least we make new friends and have our prints in international collections; with fantastic possibilities for international projects and play dates in the future.)

The 2018 folio project is currently in utero:

  • Any South Australian artist can apply for inclusion in the folios.

  • 10 artists per folio.

  • Each folio has a theme, set paper size and is editioned to 15 with 1 perfect signed A/P.

  • Original prints only, with a substantial hand-made component.

  • Artists can participate in more than one theme.

  • Any South Australian printmakers travelling overseas in the next 12-18 months can contact Simone regarding taking folios with them to gift to fabulous international artists/studios/organisations of their own choosing. (It really is a 'no strings' gift.)

The themes and guidelines for the 2018 folio project can be found here.
The guidelines for taking and gifting folios overseas will be available mid-2018.

For further information about the International Print Run (past and present) or to enquire about participating in the current round of folios, please email Simone.

International Print Run:
    Message in a Bottle Folio

The 2017 Message in a Bottle print folio was exhibited at Artlab Australia during March to May 2018.
In mid-2018 the folio was acquired by the Art Gallery of South Australia for its collection. Download details of the exhibition here.

International Print Run:
    Nature/Nurture Folio

The 2017 Nature/Nurture print folio was exhibited at Artlab Australia December 2017 to February 2018.
Download details of the exhibition here.

International Print Run:
The Political & Skin Deep Folios

The 2017 Political and Skin Deep folios were exhibited at the #6Manton Gallery November 2017 to January 2018.
Download details of the exhibitions here.