Learn to print with Simone Tippett of Union St Printmakers.

Simone is passionate about printmaking and the fabulous South Australian print community. For more about classes, exhibitions, the International Print Run, what's on, and projects of all kinds, read on...

Please note: Union St Printmakers closes for regular classes Christmas through January each year. During this time, Simone editions prints on demand and hosts specialist workshops. Throughout, the information on this website (including information about future workshops) is updated daily and weekly.

The last casual classes for 2018 are Saturday 15 December in Stepney and Monday 17 December in Hindmarsh. And thank you for supporting us through a fabulous first year in our new Hindmarsh studio; it was a blast! … Merry Christmas!

PS, Each year, casual classes restart from the first Saturday and Monday in February … Saturday 2 February 2019 in Stepney and Monday 4 February 2019 in Hindmarsh.