Learn to print with Simone Tippett of Union St Printmakers.

Simone is passionate about printmaking and the fabulous South Australian print community. For more about classes, exhibitions, the International Print Run, what's on, and projects of all kinds, read on...

Please note, Union St Printmakers is open ONLY by appointment - no drops in please :)

Appointments can be made by email (simone@unionstprintmakers.com) or text (0407 079 604).

Simone/Union St Printmakers is one of several artists based at Stone & Quoin Studio at 6 Manton St, Hindmarsh. 6 Manton is also home to Koush Design (a busy interior design studio run by Julie Pieda) and Pony & Cole (a popular and busy breakfast/lunch cafe run by Nicolle Hahn).

Stone & Quoin is a private working studio - closed to the public - unless you have a prior appointment with one of the studio artists.

Artists work over many venues - meaning Simone won’t be in if you visit unannounced - and the other artists/businesses will be busy doing their own work :)

If you’d like to see a working print studio in action / learn printmaking:

  1. You are most welcome to book into one of Simone’s workshops - see here for dates.

  2. Talk to Simone at Bowerbird Design Market on Sunday 5 May 2019 - she’ll be giving printmaking demonstrations on her press.

  3. Make an appointment to see Simone for a specific reason - collect/drop off a lino for the community steamroller event, drop off your Print Folio prints, discuss a print job, buy printmaking materials, etc - please email (simone@unionstprintmakers.com) or text (0407 079 604).

Please don’t drop in unannounced :)

Please note: The information on this website (including information about future workshops and available printmaking materials) is updated daily :)

Any queries? Please email Simone.