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Useful printmaking tips, suggestions and connections… Gradually added over time for your printmaking pleasure. And if there is something you’d really like to see included, please email Simone here… She’ll do her best to pop it on :)

Currently listed below:

aka the Xpress Xcut Die Cutting Machine

There are many die cutters out there, available online or from your local scrap booking or craft store.

  • The machine of choice for printmakers - for printing and die cutting - seems to be the Xpress Xcut.

  • Currently available in Australia from Craft Online and Amazon Australia (click the links). Stock seems to be turning over quickly, so out-of-stock this week is often means back-in-stock next week.

  • Most of the notes below include processes that can be printed on Dorothy. (With the exception of the 2mm Acrylic Drypoint which requires an etching press.)

  • And no, Dorothy isn’t her real name… It’s just that Simone names ALL her presses! Dorothy is more commonly known as the Xpress die cutter, brand Xcut, model/product code [XCU268300] 317937.

  • Here is a picture of Dorothy, so you can be sure you buy the right one…

    (What you are looking for is a die-cutter that has two metal rollers with an adjustable height - in this case, the adjustable height is via the black dial on top of the uppermost white section, when open. To the best of our knowledge, so far, Dorothy is the only die-cutter out there who does that.)

Dorothy-the-Die-Cutter… better (and more officially) known as the Xpress Xcut.

Dorothy-the-Die-Cutter… better (and more officially) known as the Xpress Xcut.

Great notes…
And start up packs of materials…

These processes are each distilled into double-sided A4 summaries to help you print effectively and well. They are updated regularly, as materials and suppliers change, so the latest version appears below. (They are also the notes you receive when you enrol in the workshops for beginners printmaking, drypoint, lino printing and printing without a press, so if you are regional or interstate, they may help with basic problem solving.)

Click for a free sample - Acrylic Drypoint in a Cylinder Etching (Intaglio) Press - to give you an ideas of what kinds of things the notes cover.

The remaining sets of notes can be downloaded for AUD $15 each, or the complete set for AUD $50:

You can also order an accompanying pack of materials to be posted out to get you started.
So far…

Wth these packs coming soon…

  • Beginners Lino Pack (for etching presses & Dorothy-the-die-cutter).

  • Beginners Drypoint Pack (for etching presses & Dorothy-the-die-cutter).

  • Beginners Monoprinting Pack (for etching presses & Dorothy-the-die-cutter).

  • Beginners Drypoint & Monoprinting Pack (for etching presses & Dorothy-the-die-cutter).

  • Adhesive & Scratcher Foam Pack (for etching presses & Dorothy-the-die-cutter).

Image - Header - Acrylic Drypoint LR.jpg

Where to buy printmaking paper?

Bulk specialist printmaking paper is best purchased in the twice-yearly paper sales from Melbourne Etching Supplies - the next sale is November 2019. (If you are working to a deadline, do ask about delivery times. MES paper sale deliveries are sent out on a first-in-first-served basis.)

Other shops selling western intaglio cotton rag papers or Japanese awagami-style papers in Adelaide are:

What Print is That?

To see examples of different kinds of prints, go to the Union St Print Pinterest page or the Union St Printmakers Facebook page (click Photos, Albums and then See All). Each album features a different set of printmaking techniques that will help you to choose the process that best suits your image.

Printmaking Materials & Suppliers

Click here to download the latest info sheet on EVERYTHING, UStP style. Lists pretty much everything you may have forgotten to jot down in class, ever, including materials info and local suppliers. Updated regularly.

Presenting Prints (UStP-style)

Click here to download the latest info sheet on how UStPers present prints for exhibition, markets and sale. Includes useful links to suppliers. Updated regularly.

Print Studio Etiquette (UStP-style)

Click here to download the latest info sheet on studio/classroom etiquette, UStP style. Updated regularly.

Cleaning Up (UStP-style)

Click here to download the latest info sheet on how to clean up after printing, UStP style. Updated regularly.

Coming Soon…

Exhibiting unframed prints with magnets.
Cutting your own mounts with the Logan Team System.

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