As Union St Printmakers, Simone Tippett regularly organises exhibitions and group events.

Prints for Sale

To purchase any of the prints displayed in the cafe or gallery at 6 Manton St Hindmarsh, please speak to Julie Pieda of Koush Design (adjacent to the gallery), the staff at Pony & Cole, or Simone during one of her printmaking classes.

For further information about the projects through which prints are made, please email Simone.

Current UStP Exhibitions

International Print Run:
    Message in a Bottle Folio

The 2017 Message in a Bottle print folio is currently being exhibited at Artlab Australia through to the end of May 2018. Click here for more details.

Past UStP Exhibitions


Cyanotypes by Sonya Hender, Daniel Headland and Vera Ada. Indigo fabric works by Halinka Harrison, Simone Tippett and Oluwole Oginni. Closing event 6pm Thursday 8 March 2018. Click here for more details.