Simone Tippett is Union St Printmakers. She teaches printmaking classes and workshops at Stone & Quoin Studio at 6 Manton St Hindmarsh, as well as in a private classroom in Stepney. 


  • Low-toxic intaglio processes – drypoint, etching, monoprints/monotypes, collagraphs, chine colle, etc.
  • Relief processes – lino printing, woodcuts, wood engravings, collagraphs, embossing, photopolymer, collagrahs, etc.
  • Stencilling & screen printing – DIY kitchen table techniques, screenprinting with hand cut stencils, screenprinting with drawing/masking fluid, screen monoprinting, beginners repeat pattern textile printing, etc.
  • Other print processes - waterless lithography, gelli printing, printing without a press, etc. 

And coming soon to Stone & Quoin Studio in Hindmarsh:

  • Letterpressbook arts, zines and textile screenprinting.

To see examples of different kinds of prints, go to the Union St Print Pinterest page or the Union St Printmakers Facebook page (click Photos, Albums and then See All). 

Casual Classes

Casual Printmaking Classes
Suitable for beginners and experienced printmakers
Cost $40 per session (includes most materials)
Attendance is flexible and always by prior arrangement
Classes run February-December each year

10 class discount: $35 per session
$350 total, paid in advance, for use within 10 months
Can be used to bring a friend along occasionally :)

Most Mondays at
   Stone & Quoin Studio at 6 Manton St Hindmarsh
   2pm-5pm, intaglio techniques
   6pm-9pm, lino & relief techniques
   *Now taking bookings; 2018 classes start on Mon 5 February 2018

Most Saturdays
   in a private classroom in Stepney
   10am-1pm, intaglio techniques
   1.30pm-4.30pm, lino & relief techniques
   *Now taking bookings; 2018 classes start on Sat 3 February 2018

The casual printmaking classes are small, flexible and friendly. They are ideal for beginners, more experienced printmakers and experimenting with different techniques. Everyone has different interests and levels of skills, so it is no matter whether you are a beginner or more experienced. Classes are always booked in advance (weeks to months) and attendance confirmed several days prior. The classes are flexible to complement busy lives.

Short blocks of Evening Classes are also available. You and your friends can reserve a block of evening classes, one night a week for several weeks, in a technique (or several techniques) of your choice. Minimum of 4 people, $50 per person. Tuesday to Friday nights available, 6-9pm at Stone & Quoin Studio in Hindmarsh. Bookings always in advance, pending studio availability.

Please email Simone for enquiries or to book a printmaking class.

Gift vouchers are available.